pCloud competition to 500GB free account

Hello there,

There is a nice competition by pCloud team and if you enter you have the chance to win 500GB Free LIFETIME account from pCloud.

If you like the idea, follow the link below 🙂


Good luck! 🙂


Remove CUDA driver from macOS high Sierra

Hello there,

Recently I updated from Sierra to Hight Sierra from a MacBook Pro 2013 with the nVidia 650M, however the CUDA driver wasn’t working good and when I tried to update, I messed it up…

Then, I decided to actually reinstall the driver, then I needed to uninstall the previous driver.
This is what the post is about.

By the time I was searching I found a great forum post on the blender forum.
Here’s the link – https://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26750

Here’s the actual solution
Delete the following:

If you installed the tookits and samples, delete the following also:

Then on the nVidia talk developer forum I found a topic related to the same thing.
Here’s the link – https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/969266/cuda-setup-and-installation/uninstall-cuda-from-mac-el-capitan/

Then I found even better solution
cd /usr/local/cuda/bin
sudo perl uninstall_cuda_8.0.pl
By bshly

Not having uninstaller for your products is a bad thing…
However, bad things happen from time to time, people forget sometimes important things.

But… life continues with people’s mistakes, everyday.

WP Give plugin add Bulgarian Lev currency

Hi there,

As a part of series for quick WordPress solutions this is the first one,
how to add Bulgarian Lev currency to our Give plugin.

I worked on a website which was collecting donations and I needed to add Bulgarian Lev currency

If you need to add any other currency, just change the BGN in the code below 🙂

Usage: Paste it in your functions.php or in your custom plugins code or use it with a WordPress hook.

 * Adds Bulgarian Lev currency to your Give settings
add_filter('give_currencies', 'add_bulgarian_currency');
function add_bulgarian_currency($currencies) {
 $currencies['BGN'] = __( 'Bulgarian Currency', 'give' );
 return $currencies;
 * Converts the currency code to the correct HTML character symbol
 * for the form output
add_filter('give_currency_symbol', 'add_colon_symbol', 10,2);
function add_colon_symbol($symbol, $currency) {
 switch ( $currency ) :
 case "BGN" :
 $symbol = 'лв.';
 return $symbol;