Ghost CSS debugging code


I was having this weird horizontal scroll problem when designing web pages, however I came across very handy solution made by Kyle Werner.

This is the code:

* {
 background: #000 !important;
 color: #0f0 !important;
 outline: solid #f00 1px !important;

So, if you’re struggling with horizontal scroll issues, this might help you.

Here’s a link to the author’s post. – click


WP Give plugin add Bulgarian Lev currency

Hi there,

As a part of series for quick WordPressĀ solutions this is the first one,
how to add Bulgarian Lev currency to our Give plugin.

I worked on a website which was collecting donations and I needed to add Bulgarian Lev currency

If you need to add any other currency, just change the BGN in the code below šŸ™‚

Usage: Paste it in your functions.php or in your custom plugins code or use it with a WordPress hook.

 * Adds Bulgarian Lev currency to your Give settings
add_filter('give_currencies', 'add_bulgarian_currency');
function add_bulgarian_currency($currencies) {
 $currencies['BGN'] = __( 'Bulgarian Currency', 'give' );
 return $currencies;
 * Converts the currency code to the correct HTML character symbol
 * for the form output
add_filter('give_currency_symbol', 'add_colon_symbol', 10,2);
function add_colon_symbol($symbol, $currency) {
 switch ( $currency ) :
 case "BGN" :
 $symbol = 'Š»Š².';
 return $symbol;